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Tan Brothers Gas Supply

LPG Cooking Gas Cylinder - Cooking Hob - Delivery

64551169 - 64564392


Singapore distributors of LPG domestic gas cylinders and accessories


Ladies and Gentlemen, do you often feel frustrated and anxious, when your gas cylinder runs out in the midst of cooking, and you have to endure the long waiting period of slow gas delivery services ?


Now, Tan Brothers Gas Supply promises to deliver your gas cylinder within 30 minutes. Delivery within 30 minutes. You will never be out of gas with our EXPRESS GAS SERVICES.


We are open on Sunday and Public Holidays Experienced and well trained personnel to cater to your installation. Our Assurance to you for full weight, safe and reliable cooking gas. 


Authorised dealers for Esso Gas and Mobil Gas. Quality assured.


Tan Brothers Gas Supply, Singapore. Over 15 years of experience as trusted and reliable distributors of LPG gas cylinders for cooking and accessories in Singapore. Experienced personnel to ensure your safety.


Call to order today 64551169 or 64564392.


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